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The world’s most advanced heat press

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press 16″x20″

Functioning as either a swinger or draw press, the 16" x 20" Fusion IQ offers a heat-free workspace, touch screen settings, and live digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts. Plus, with industry-exclusive Threadability™, you can position a garment once, rotate, and decorate any area. Touch Screen Technology allows you to easily program an unlimited number of frequently used application settings. The Twin Timer™ allows users to pre-set individual time settings for two-step application or for pre-heating and application. Additionally, the New Fusion IQ™ controller features troubleshooting and self-diagnostic capabilities!

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Advanced Features

The Fusion IQ Heat Press is designed with an operators use in mind, allowing for two methods of operation: a swing or draw style press. Each style allows the operator to work in a heat free environment with the opportunity to safely load the lower platen. The lower platen is on a quick release system, allowing for the operator to quickly change the entire platen or adjust the orientation for ease of loading.

Touch Screen Display

The digital touchscreen display contains the ability to store unlimited amounts of presets, containing both time and temperature settings, along with displaying the current pressing temperature, time remaining, and pressure upon the garment. This allows for multiple, precise, programs so the operator can work upon multiple types of fabrics with little frustration or downtime.


Platen size 16" x 20"
Weight 140 lbs.
Power 120 v; 15 amps; 1800 w / 240 v; 15 amps; 1800 w
Press Style swinger/draw press