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Introducing the Latest Innovation in DTG Printing

Eliminate the DTG Square from Your DTG Prints

Heated Lower Platen Package

Increase Your DTG Printer Production

• Produce your garments 66% faster without buying another printer!
• Reduce or eliminate the DTG square.
• Dry your pretreatment 50% faster! 

Bundle Includes:

• Heated Lower Platen (Compatible with the following models of Hotronix and MAXX heat presses: STX, MAXX, XRF, XRF2)
• Free Bottom cover ($70 Value)
• Free Power Platen Controller ($300 Value)


Cure your Garments 66% Faster

Cure your Garments 66% Fasterk

Our process is faster than regular methods because the heated particles move faster during the curing process with the use of a second heating source.

Instead of pressing a garment against the cold lower surface of a standard heat press, a heated bottom platen concentrates the heat when curing pretreatment and ink. This heat expansion process moves water out of pretreatment and inks faster, reducing the overall time needed for drying and curing.

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*We do incredible amount of work to save you time. Remember to do your own studies and wash tests based on our recommendations. Since garments, local weather and conditions might be different than our lab make sure you fine tune and your own wash tests before shipping to your customers. OmniPrint's International Makes no warranties of fitness for any particular purposes.