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Hotronix Lowrider Auto Open Clam 6"x6" - Commercial

$ 1,000.00

Included With Purchase:


  • 6"x6" Heat Platen
  • Magnetic auto-opening
  • Time resets when the press auto-opens
  • Digital time, temperature and pressure controls
  • Programming two independent time settings
  • Magnetic assist lock-down
  • Accepts items up to 3/4"" thick
  • Leveraged handle for very easy closing
  • Teflon coated upper heat platen
  • Wide opening for easy layout
  • Platinum RTD heat probe reads platen temperature within 2 degrees
  • Cast in tubular heating element every 2" to ensure no "cold spots"
  • UL/ULC/CE Approved

The Hotronix heat press is one of the best heat press machine for direct to garment (DTG) printing solutions. Contact us for any inquires on heat presses!

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Jaime Ghisays De Irisarri

Excellent company and great remote support!

about 6 month ago

Meryl - Etype Styles

I would never buy another DTG machine from any other company other tham OmniPrint and I tell everyone the same thing. there is on better service and no better quality print!

about 6 month ago