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The Best Direct To Film Printer

OmniDTF - Direct to Film DTF Printer

The OmniDTF printer features Direct to Film printing up to 14.5 inches wide by up to 238 feet continuously and includes transfer sheet dryer!

Full DTF solution with everything included, features include:

    1. High quality professional grade dtf transfers

    2. Best feeling dtf transfers

    3. Large 14.5 print area

    4. Dedicated training and support

    5. Low cost per print - Bulk ink saves you money

    6. Butter peel transfer films hot and cold peel

    7. Dual print heads for the fastest prints.

Shipping Lead Time is 8 - 12 Weeks

For equipment purchases we will send you a post sale agreement and will need credit card verification.

*print area and film width is 14.5, allow at least .5 inches on each side for curing and film handling.

$ 18,995.00

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Best warranty included

What people are saying about the OmniDTF Printer!

One-pass Technology

One-Pass allows dark garments to be fully completed without the need to return to do the cmyk layer. The white print heads and color heads are tuned to work together to print the base and colors at the same time so that each garment being printed is finished in one pass.

Specially formulated Gamut Plus Inks Low cost per print - Bulk ink saves you money

The OmniDTF Printer features High Capacity Ink Bottles! - 250 ml capacity for each color and 500 ml for white ink.


Print Area 15" x 238'
Weight 250 lbs.
Voltage 110~220V. 55/Hz
Interface Ethernet, PC / Windows 10 -64bit