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" If you guys are doing DTF prints, check this out! If you have experienced ink bleeding when printing on film, you need this heated platen! The vacuum design keeps your film in place so there is no need for tape. It will change your life!"
- Joe Perez, Heart and Hustle Printing

Heated DTF Vacuum Platen for your Freejet 330TX DTG Printer.

OmniPrint's Heated DTF Vacuum Platen is the best way to leverage your existing Freejet DTG printer and print professional grade DTF prints.


  • Print DTF transfers with your Freejet 330TX DTG printer
  • No Bleeding
  • Heats the transfer during printing 
  • Integrated Vacuum holds your transfer in place for the best quality prints
  • Print high quality DTF with faster resolutions
  • Reduce wasted transfers.
  • Save time and tape by not having to tape it down.


More info about the product.

Our platen was fully designed and engineered in the USA by the OmniPrint R&D Team. People who are printing using the direct-to-film application method will get excellent value out of the heated platen not just for it's heating function, but for its ability to hold films in place through its vacuum mechanism! This proprietary platen is highly sought after, and trusted by FreeJet Operators around the world. Grab yours today and experience the difference!


Compatibile with your FreeJet 330TX and FreeJet 330TX Plus Models.

$ 699.00

Best warranty included

What people are saying about the Heated Vacuum Platen!

Set Up For Success

Heated Vacuum Platen was engineered to bring DTF capabilities to your FreeJet printer. Get optimal results in just a few steps.

Direct To Film

Expand your shop’s capabilities and your product offering by using the Heated Vacuum Platen to create DTF transfer sheets that can be applied to a variety of garments and accessories.


Dimensions 18" in L X 13.25" in W X 3.75" in H
Weight 4.7173 KG
Power AC:120v, 10 A, 50/60 Hz Replacement Fuse F1: 10 Amp
Platen Style Heated, Vacuum