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Quick, Quiet, Consistent spraying

Direct Treater Dual - DTG Pretreatment Machine

The Direct Treater Dual is a high quality pretreatment machine that is designed for fast, even, and consistent spraying for your direct to garment printing. The highest quality components and technologies have been integrated within the machine to achieve true reliable operation and consistently even spray pattern without the use of noisy air compressors.

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Bottle Reservoir System

The bottle reservoir & dial lock system allows for easy switching between pretreatments/cleaners while safely storing waste

Quiet, Consistent Spraying

The micro-diaphragm pump allows for quiet, consistent spraying while regulating line pressure


Dimensions 40" L x 21" W x 25 H
Weight 130 lbs.
Power 110/220 VAC Automatic.
Construction Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum Housing