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Jaguar V series vinyl cutting plotter

$ 1,871.25 $ 2,495.00

The Jaguar V Cutter Outperforms The Competition.

Cut heat transfer materials, reflective film, signs, and more with this efficient, innovative plotter/cutter.
Vinyl Sample Kit included with purchase (a $50 value!).
(Optional Cutter Stand: Available)


• Up to 24" cutting width
• Maximum cut speed of 60 inches per second
• Guaranteed material tracking to 10 meters
• Great Cut, Direct Cut software included

Trusted by People Just Like You:

Jaime Ghisays De Irisarri

Excellent company and great remote support!

about 6 month ago

Meryl - Etype Styles

I would never buy another DTG machine from any other company other tham OmniPrint and I tell everyone the same thing. there is on better service and no better quality print!

about 6 month ago

Additional Specifications:

• Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System
• Section Cutting
• Segmental Positioning
• Auto Rotation
• Triple Port Connectivity
• Efficient Throughput
up to 60 inches per second of cutting speed
• Media Support System
• User-Friendly Control Panel
• Selective Pinch Roller Positioning

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