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Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer

The All-In-One Compact AIR-366C-4-2 & AIR-546C-4-2

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Scale revenue through increased production capacity!

The 36" inch Aeolus can cure up to 330 shirts per hour, while the 54" inch can cure up to 450 shirts per hour (depending on the process you use)! Installing one of these dryers into your shop will instantly increase your drying and curing capacity, which means that you can instantly add more volume to your shop and scale revenue.

Increase Your Drying Speeds!

Aeolus was designed with your needs in mind. 50 years of industry experience has led BBC to reach for the stars.

With the ability to cure plastisol, water based and direct-to-garment printed garments this dryer can do it all.

Get the highest quality, fastest cure and most consistent edge-to-edge temperatures.

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