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(Pre-Order) Direct Treater Dual - DTG Pretreatment Machine

$ 4,995.00

Following your pre-order, the orders department will reach out and confirm your machine arrival ETA.
The Direct Treater Dual is a high quality pretreatment machine that is designed for fast, even, and consistent spraying for your direct to garment printing. The highest quality components and technologies have been integrated within the machine to achieve true reliable operation and consistently even spray pattern without the use of noisy air compressors.
  • Easy Access Top For Maintenance
  • Durable Aluminum Body
  • Easily Switch Between 4 Liquids
  • Modern Design
  • Easy Access Windows
  • Industrial Quality Components
  • No Compressed Air - No Noisy Compressors
  • Designed, Supported and Made in the USA




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Jaime Ghisays De Irisarri

Excellent company and great remote support!

about 6 month ago

Meryl - Etype Styles

I would never buy another DTG machine from any other company other tham OmniPrint and I tell everyone the same thing. there is on better service and no better quality print!

about 6 month ago